Galleries : Undying Tales 2022 : UT 6 - Azuero Spider Monkey


It the creation myth of the Maya, the gods went through several iterations in an attempt to make mankind. In one of these earlier cycles of creation, humans were made of wood. These people of wood were foolish. They were wasteful and ungrateful to the gods, and so the gods decided to destroy the wooden men. In some stories it is a great flood that brings about the end, and in others jaguars do the work for the gods, or statues come to life.

A few of the wooden men managed to escape the retribution however, and those were transformed into monkeys, to live on today as ancestors of mankind from a previous cycle of the gods‘ creation. Man, as we move through the world today, was crafted by the gods from maize.

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Size: 7 x 7 inches
Medium: Ink
©2022, Stephanie Law
Original: Sold