Galleries : Sketch Originals

Pencil sketches, original artwork for sale.

* I begin a picture by brainstorming ideas into my sketchbook. These are usually very rough and scribbled, more to get the flow of figures and composition than details and expression. When I am mostly satisfied and have a good image in my mind of what the picture will be, I scan the rough sketch, and play around with placement, size, and background in photoshop. When that is set, I reverse this image horizontally, lighten the contrast so that the lines are a very faint grey, and print it out on a piece of translucent parchment type paper. With the faint lines as my guide, I then refine the image, putting in all the details, and sometimes shading. Afterwards, I set it pencil face downward on my illustration board and rub the back until the graphite transfers to my final illustration board. It's ready to paint now.

These are the refined sketches done just before the final stage of transferring to the illustration board.