Original Paintings

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UT 16 - Southern Cassowary - Original Painting ($200.00)

SOUTHERN CASSOWARY - 6.5x6.5 inches $200.00 AVAILABLE
Cassowary - 3.5x4.5 inches $35.00 sold

Casuarius casuarius johnsonii

Status: Endangered

Large and flightless, the cassowary is an icon of Australia and Papua New Guinea. The Rainforest Aboriginal people have a cultural relationship with the birds, revering them in songs, story, and dance, and respectfully hunting them for food. One of the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories tells of how the cassowary got its unique looking casque atop its head.

Long ago, the animals all lived together. They would gather at watering holes to drink, but cassowary was shy to join because he was self-conscious of his small wings and inability to fly. When the other animals saw and taunted him, he charged in a rage, missing his target and instead bashing his head into a large rock, part of which broke and stuck to his head.

That night, the animals were attacked by snakes, and as cassowary ran into to the fray. When the snakes laughed at his flightless wings, he once again flew into a rage, and charged about, scratching at the snakes and smashing them with his stone-topped head, until the snakes were defeated.

After that, the other animals no longer teased him, and he became their protector.

Wonderland - March Hare - Original Painting ($900.00)

“You might just as well say,” added the March Hare, “that *I like what I get* is the same thing as *I get what I like*!”

“You might just as well say, ” added the Dormouse, who seemed to be talking in his sleep, “that *I breathe when I sleep* is the same thing as *I sleep when I breathe*!”

- Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

White Spotted Char I - Original Painting ($55.00)

UT 27 - White-spotted Char - Original Painting ($195.00)


WHITE SPOTTED CHAR - 6.5x6.5 inches $195.00 (available)
Amemasu - 6.5x6.5 inches $195.00 (available)
Char I - 3.5x4.5 inches $55.00 (available)
Wishful Thinking - 4.5x7 inches $140.00 (SOLD)
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Highlighted Species: Salvelinus leucomaenis japonicus

Status: Endangered

The Japanese name for this fish, Amemasu, means “rain trout”, and they inhabit rivers and lakes of Honshu and Hokkaido. It is said that they are shape-shifters that can take on the form of a beautiful woman. In this alluring form, they seduce young men leading them away to never be seen again. But the glamour can be pierced by touch, for their skin is cold as that of their fish nature. The Ainu know that ancient Amemasu are guardians deities of lakes. These old ones grow so big that they can span the width of an entire lake.

Dudleya Frank Reinelt - Original Painting ($1500.00)

NOTE: Prints of this item are on pre-order and will not ship until Mid-June, 2020.

Lilies and Koi - Original Assemblage ($650.00)

Lilies - Original Assemblage ($650.00)

Original painting is watercolor and gold leaf, in a custom designed wood lasercut frame, and sealed with resin.

Echeveria and Hummingbird - Original Painting ($950.00)

Chinese Witchhazel - Original Painting ($700.00)

Loropetalum chinense

Air Potato - Original Painting ($250.00)

Discorea bulbifera

Cape Cowslip - Original Painting ($350.00)

Lachenalia viridiflora

Meconopsis Lingholm - Framed Original ($750.00)

Tacca chantrieri - Framed Original ($900.00)

Cats Whiskers

Diplacus aurantiacus - Original Painting ($1500.00)

California native.

Iris douglasiana - Original Painting ($1500.00)

Iris Pacific Coast Hybrid Lavender.
California Native.

Echeveria Chihuahensis - Original Painting ($295.00)

Echeveria Afterglow - Original Painting ($295.00)

Stewartia pseudocamellia 2 - Framed Original ($2500.00)

Japanese Stewartia

Transcendence - Original Painting ($3000.00)

Papilio phantasma 4 - Original Assemblage ($600.00)

Papilio phantasma 2 - Original Assemblage ($1250.00)

Papilio phantasma 1 - Original Assemblage ($1250.00)

Weightless - Original Painting ($750.00)

Ammonites - Original Painting ($550.00)

Intermezzo - Original Painting ($550.00)

Two Sides to a Leaf - Framed Original ($2000.00)

Greenovia diplocycla ex LG-Alojera - Original Painting ($250.00)

Mountain Rose

Under the Live Oaks - Original Painting ($1200.00)

Original painting is sold fully framed. See the Detail photos below for the framed image.

Yexian - Burdens to Bear - Original Painting ($995.00)

Yexian of the Chinese Cinderella story.

On the Darkest Night - Original Painting ($4000.00)

Faery festivities

The Misted Cliffs - Original Painting ($750.00)

Cover illustration for a book by Catherine Asaro, sequel to "The Charmed Sphere."

Six of Pentacles - Original Painting ($600.00)

The extremes of those that have and those that have not; giving and receiving.

Five of Pentacles - Original Painting ($600.00)

Spiritual poverty, material troubles, insecurity, hard times, neglecting the body's needs, being ostracized and excluded.

Knight of Cups - Original Painting ($1000.00)

The Unicorn is a child of the sea - born of foam and restless waves, surging with the wild abandon of the surf. The Knight of Cups is her companion on the eternal quest.

He is the knight of the Round Table on the grand quest for the Grail. He is the romantic who seeks where his heart and emotions lead. He is the artist and the musician and the poet whose eyes see into the unseen nether-realms of imagination. He is the idealist who will not let physical laws stop him from riding with reckless abandon across the wavetops on his journey.

Nine of Cups - Original Painting ($875.00)

Pleasure of the senses, satisfaction and wish fulfillment, success, assured future, bounty, and health.

Eight of Cups - Original Painting ($1000.00)

Delving within for personal discovery and answers, turning away and disengaging from the material for the spiritual, moving on, letting go, weariness, drain.

Seeker of the Seas, dive down, dive deep. Plumb the sapphire waters so dark that they pulse with the nacreous gleam of black pearls. Slice through the waters, O Seeker of Truth; slide with lithe body through the currents and undertows; turn away from the sunlight of the world up above that blinds with its too-sharp brilliance. Like the delicate luminescence of the deep sea life, there are some things which can only be seen when the eyes grow enlarged in the dim netherlit otherworld. Dive down, Seeker of the Seas!

Seven of Cups - Original Painting ($750.00)

Indulging in fantasies, having too many options to chose from. Too many desires, some within the realm of reality, others...not so much. Unlimited possibilities.

Her head is lost in the clouds. She has stars in her eyes as she looks to the castle in the sky, unaware of their precarious perch. Meanwhile, he is a little more grounded, eyes on the castles that are on the ground and within reach, however obscure the arcane symbols on his map may be.

Four of Cups - Original Painting ($700.00)

Being unaware and self-absorbed, isolated and seeking within, disengaged from the world, dreamy, contemplative.

Knight of Swords - Original Painting ($1200.00)

The Knight of Swords is the brave hero who rushes headlong into conflict to defend his beliefs. He is blunt and comes directly to his point. He is domineering, a seeker, slicing through the skies with his sword and his wings. A storm gathers in his wake, borne of the turbulence his winged army creates, and he is lifted high above it all to pierce through the chaos. The sword is a beacon.

He calls out to the night's abyss:
Lift me up spirits of Sky
grant me keen sight of Hawk
swiftness of Sparrow
grant me insight of Raven
brave heartbeat of Hummingbird
bear me up with grace on wings of Swan
guide me with visions of wisdom from Owl

Nine of Swords - Original Painting ($650.00)

Suffering from anguish, fear, anxiety, guilt, uncertainties in the night.

Stormcrows herald impending dissolution
with voices cawing raucous absolution
round and round and spiraling ever near
one future sought - one future feared

The funnel of the sky stretches up to the heavens; an ominous tower of storms with but the hope and glimmer of light high above at the eye of turmoil. "Come to me, come with me," the voice of the Stormcrows whispers to him from nearby. "Let me guide you through." With anxious eyes, he gazes upwards, away, oblivious to the proffered guidance through the night of the soul. He clutches sheathed sword close for security, rather than grasping bright blade aloft to light the way!

Eight of Swords - Original Painting ($650.00)

Wasting energy on the trivial, frozen in crisis, restricted, confused, feeling powerless, trapped by circumstances.

The Brambles Crone lives among the blackberry hedges where the fruit is tempting and sweet, but even the leaves have wickedly curved thorns to catch and hold. The little hummingbird may flit and navigate with ease among such treacherous tangles, but the noble and grand elegance of the Swan with the arcing spread of her wings is not for such tangled and thorny corridors.

Seven of Swords - Original Painting ($650.00)

Escaping responsibility, making away with that which is not yours, uncertainty, keeping something to yourself, dishonor, being two-faced.

He hides his face behind a mask, shrouding his true nature, and he smirks in a rather satisfied way that he has managed to steal one of the swords that the Swan Guardian oversees. He thinks the Guardian is oblivious, but she is in fact watching him with one eye. "What have you got there? Shiny bauble! Shiny bright!" the blackbirds demand, drawn to the sullen gleam. He turns his back to them as well; for he is the cleverest Blackbird to have been able to draw this Sword from the Stone.

Five of Swords - Original Painting ($700.00)

Concentrating narrowly on one's own self-interest, power play, battle, sacrifice of integrity.

Four of Swords - Original Painting ($700.00)

Solitude and rest from strife, inner contemplation, exile.

Three of Swords - Original Painting ($500.00)

Heartbreak, receiving little solace, lonesomeness, isolation, betrayal.

Two of Swords - Original Painting ($650.00)

Denial, blocking off emotions, avoidance of and not seeing the truth, stalemate, impasse.

Pisces - Original Painting ($1000.00)

The Fishes. Visionaries and dreamers, subsumed self sometimes in the care of others. Spiritual seekers, looking for the answers to the mysteries of life.

Scorpio - Original Painting ($1000.00)

The Scorpion. An intense personality, and this focus carries to everything they do, whether for benefit or detriment.

Aries - Original Painting ($1000.00)

The Ram. Impulsive, takes the initiative, and determined. The sparking flame of assertiveness.

Maestro of Birds - Original Painting ($1500.00)

From fallow field and verdant vale,
from sun-bleached shores with diamond grains,