Galleries : Undying Tales 2022 : UT 7 - Philippine Fairy-bluebird


The Tagalog people of the Philippines tell tales of the Tigmamnukan as a bird of omen. The bird‘s powers of auguries was sought out when embarking on a journey or for the auspices of an endeavor, for it was thought that the Supreme Being, Bathala Maykapal would send signs via earthy messengers such as the bird, lizards, or snakes to communicate the wisdom of courses of action.

In the Tagalog creation stories, in the time before humans, the Tigmamnukan flew through the jungles and trees. It pecked open a bamboo stalk, splitting it down in half to reveal the first man and first woman.

While the Tigmamnukan is a bird of myth, it is described from sources as having a notable blue coloration, and thus it is thought that the modern real world correlating creature must be the Philippine fairy-bluebird.

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Size: 7 x 7 inches
Medium: Ink
©2022, Stephanie Law
Original: Sold