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The bright red berries of a rowan tree stand out against the verdant foliage, and have been symbols of protection for thousands of years. The native range of rowan trees is high up in the mountains, growing in remote and windblown locations from precarious cliffs and crevices. Due to this characteristic of habitat, it is called The Lady of the Mountains. Rowan trees were often planted near doorways to protect those inside from evil and misfortune.

According to Ancient Greek mythology, the origins of the rowan tree resulted from the actions of Hebe, who was goddess of youth and cup-bearer to the gods. Hebe was careless however and spiteful demons stole the cup from under her watch. Unable to retrieve the cup on her own, she sought the help of the other gods. An eagle was sent to battle with the demons and recover the cup, and in the ensuing battle, for every feather from the eagle that drifted on the winds to settle on the ground, and for every drop of blood coaxed by demon teeth and claws from the eagle and soaked into the earth, sprang a rowan tree. This is why rowan trees have such delicate leaves shaped like feathers, and blood-red berries.

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Size: 7 x 7 inches
Medium: Ink
©2022, Stephanie Law
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