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Available for purchase:
Collector Set - cold-blooded ($105.00)
Collector Set - feathered ($105.00)
Collector Set - furred ($105.00)
Collector Set - mythic ($105.00)

The Undying Tales series from 2021 is compiled in this limited edition book. Please note that estimated to shipping happens about 3 weeks after placing order because of custom drawing in each book.
* 6x6 inches
* Linen-hardcover, silver embossed
* 70 Pages
* Full color (ink illustrations)
* Signed and numbered by the artist
* Hand-drawn remarque in ink on the limitation page of the book.
Select a category for your Remarque: Mythic, Furred, Swimming, Feathered
* Specially designed bat bookmark of stainless steel and tassel

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Size: 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Book
©2021, Stephanie Law