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SNOWY OWL - 6.5x6.5 inches $225.00 (SOLD)
Moon Chasing - 4.5x7 inches $140.00 (SOLD)
Owl I - 3.5x4.5 inches $60.00 (SOLD)
The Contest - 4.5x7 inches $135.00 (SOLD)
Sun Chasing - 3.5x4.5 inches $60.00 (SOLD)

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Highlighted Species: Bubo scandiacus

Status: Vulnerable

A Menominee story, Origin of Night and Day:

Rabbit was walking along a path and came upon Owl, perched high up in a tree. Rabbit asked Owl, “Why do you like it dark? I don’t like the dark because I can’t see. If I had my way, I would make it light all the time.”

Owl told him, “Well, if you are strong enough to make that happen, I would like to see you try!” However, the two decided to instead have a competition to see who was the stronger.

In front of a gathered audience of all the other animals, some of whom rooted for Rabbit but were skeptical about desiring eternal light, and some of whom rooted for Owl, they each set about bidding the sky to do their will. Rabbit chanted “Light!” while Owl chanted “Night!” and the game was lost if one of them lost concentration and said the wrong word.

Owl was the one to slip up first, and as he uttered, “Light!” Rabbit was declared the winner. However, seeing that the other animals didn’t want it to be light all the time, he conceded and they decided to let time be split into cycles of day and night.

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Size: 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Ink
©2020, Stephanie Law

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