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Waling Waling Orchid - 6.5x6.5 inches $170.00 (SOLD)
Spirit I - 3.5x4.5 inches $55.00 (SOLD)
Spirit II - 3.5x4.5 inches $55.00 (SOLD)
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Highlighted Species: Vanda sanderiana

Status: Endangered because of over-collection

Endemic to the tropical forests Mindanao in the Philipines, this exquisite flower dazzles all who behold her. A fan of leaves cascade from where it anchors at the tops of trees, topped by magnificent clusters of blooms of purple, vermilion, and blushing pink. From its discovery by foreigners in 1882, a German taxonomist named Heinrich Gustav Reicheinback, it became in danger of extinction, as desire to possess its beauty seized hold of western collectors.

It is no wonder that within her native environs, the flower is known as the “Queen of orchids” or “beautiful goddess” or “beautiful lady from heaven”. In the animistic religions of indigenous Filipinos, diwata are spirits of nature. They incarnate the essences of plants, animals, and places, and the Waling-waling is revered as a beautiful diwata.

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Size: 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Ink
©2020, Stephanie Law

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