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TURTLE - 6.5x6.5 inches $175.00 (SOLD)
Toad - 3.5x4 inches $35.00 (SOLD)

Status: About half of freshwater turtles and tortoises are threatened. The Eastern Bog Turtle, among others, is Critically Endangered.

Highlighted species: Eastern Bog Turtle - Glyptemys muhlenbergii

Range: Northeastern United States

Many of the indigenous peoples of the Northeastern Woodlands share myths of a Turtle who carries the world upon his back. The Iroquois tell how Sky Woman fell to the earth. The animals tried to help her, for the world was covered with seas. Toad was able to dive down and gather mud, and then with the help of the other creatures, they spread the mud onto Turtle's back, and plants and trees and land grew upon Turtle's back. Sky Woman stepped onto that land, and created Stars and Moon and Sun in the sky.

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Size: 6 x 6 inches
Medium: Ink
©2019, Stephanie Law

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