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As solid as we seem, we are made of water. The great oceans provide the origins of earthly life, shaping the land and everything that lives upon it. Down in the depths of The Ocean, life and death share an eternal ballet, swept along with capricious currents and inexhaustible tides.

Despite apparent stillness, The Ocean never stops moving. The principles we rely upon on – light, sound, weight, gravity, color, air, even time – function differently here. Governed by different rules, we may be swept away, losing sight of familiar landmarks. Here, fate and courage call the tune. A dancer in these unpredictable depths must surrender to the current, yet retain a sense of purpose. For without courageous self-acknowledgement… often, even WITH it… it is easy to “get in over your head” and lose whatever you had tried to gain.

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Size: 11 x 7 inches
Medium: Watercolors
©2017, Stephanie Law

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