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Among the indigenous coastal peoples of Nigeria, Senegal, and Zambia, and in the African diaspora of South America, there is lore of Mami Wata water spirits. Mami Wata have the upper body of human (most often female), and the lower body of a fish or serpent, and she is often depicted accompanied by a snake, which is a symbol of divination. The snake is coiled around her body and rests its head between her breasts.

There are stories where Mami Wata entrances her devotees when they are immersed in her waters, or boating, and she draws them into her watery spirit realm. There they reside in a paradise for a time, and upon their return to the human realm, they are blessed with spiritual and material growth and wealth. Mami Wata‘s nature is a duality of physical power, death, destruction on the one hand, and spiritual reflection, life, and creation.

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Size: 7 x 7 inches
Medium: Ink
©2022, Stephanie Law
Original: Sold