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Enjoying affluence and financial security, luxury, good fortune, a traditionalist, rooted to convention and to rules.

Her silken attire and golden adornments indicate that her social status is relatively comfortable, curled up as she is against the hoarding Dragon. The winds whisper ancient secrets to the trees. The trees curl and coil their roots around their own nuggets and then with a brush of leaves pass it onto the Dragon. And he in turn sings those words to her, for he has seen much in his centuries and has been steeped in what was. The world is a stained glass masterpiece - a world of art and wealth; and she holds clasped tight a Peach of Immortality and Auspiciousness.

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Size: 8 x 14 inches
Medium: Watercolor
©2007, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law
Original: Sold

Detail closeups: