How can I tell if a deck is the legitimate one or a knock-off?
With the popularity of the Shadowscapes Tarot over the past decade, there are many knockoffs of th Shadowscapes Tarot floating around in the marketplace these days. They are sold much more cheaply than Llewllyn's edition, but the quality of them reflects that price, and I have received many customer support questions from people who have missing cards, no booklet, and crooked-printing who did not realize that they purchased a knock-off. The easiest way to tell if you see the Shadowscapes deck in a store or online, if it is a knock-off, is that the fake ones will NOT have "by Stephanie Law" anywhere in sight on them, nor any mention of the legitimate publisher, Llewellyn Worldwide (for English editions). More recent fakes are leaving off even the name "Shadowscapes". But a sure sign a deck is a fake is if there is no mention of me as the artist. Avoid buying these fakes as not only is the quality bad, it's being sold by thieves.

Where can I buy the deck?
You can find purchase options for the deck -here- If you are interested in the deck by itself, you can find that -at Amazon- or your local bookstores.

Currently available for sale are 8.5x11 inch and 11x17 inch prints of most of the cards.

What is the size and medium of the originals?
The originals are all painted at 8.5x14 inches. For this series of work, I mostly used Winsor & Newton watercolors on Strathmore lightweight illustration board.

How long did it take you to complete one of these pieces?
I spent a week thinking about each piece before I ever touched pencil to paper. A lot of the imagery came to me in the moments before falling asleep. The best time for brainstorming! Once I began though, it took about three days to do a piece the size of the tarot images.

Is there a book?
The Art of Shadowscapes Tarot - Major Arcana features the artwork of the major arcana with insights into each piece as well as sketches that went into the designing of the paintings. The original artist-issued hardcover edition is now out of print, however Llewellyn re-issued a new softcover edition in January 2017.

The Art of Shadowscapes Tarot - Minor Arcana is the second volume for this collection, featuring the 56 paintings of the minor arcana.

The Minor Arcana book is exclusively sold from Shadowscapes and are signed by the artist.
Both books contain artwork that is not included in the deck kit set published by Llewellyn, and are excellent companions to the deck.


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Are the original paintings available for purchase?
Yes, the list of available originals and prices can be found -here-.





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