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Hello my friends! I'm embarking on a new endeavor today. I've launched a #Patreon and you can find me at

Lots of free material in the first few posts to give you an idea of where I want to go with this adventure, but mostly I want to have a space where I can begin to create more video material (that has been often requested of me in recent years) and to share a lot more of what goes on behind the scenes. I hope you take a moment to take a peek, explore, and maybe stick around!

Kick Start Art

If you have a kickstarter project in mind, this workshop will be of interest to you.

I’m working with Marc Scheff and Lauren Panepinto of Drawn + Drafted (and their instructional segment recently rebranded as Make Your Art Work) to put together a 4 week intensive on how to successfully plan and run a kickstarter, happening about one month from now. In addition to guides, tips, and spreadsheets, there’s a live Q&A session with me each week. I’m looking forward to this!

Here’s a tip from the workshop: When you’re creating a crowdfunding project, think about how you’re going to include your audience into the process. Draw them in with your narrative, and be able to articulate what motivates you, because if you can’t put it into words, you can’t expect your audience to be able to get excited. Being introspective enough to understand your own passions can be hard, but if you can get a handle on that and be able to articulate it, then that passion becomes infectious.

Gallery Exhibition Solo Show at Haven Art Gallery

My next solo show will be on Long Island, in New York, Haven Art Gallery. I'm very excited to present this new body of work, and hope to catch some of you who live on the East Coast, since most of my appearances are usually on the West Coast! For the Advanced Collector Preview, please contact and specify interest in the Stephanie Law exhibition, "Where the Sea Meets the Sky"