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Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Earlier this month, I was able to finally show my new work that I’ve been painting away at for the latter part of this year. The show is entitled “Where the Sea Meets the Sky”, and the pieces dance through these boundless boundaries, swimming, flying, escaping from their frames. The opening night was on December 2nd, at Haven Gallery in Northport, NY. The gallery was warmly inviting in the winter evening. The nights being long as they are, it was already dark by the time things got underway. I was able to come to help with the hanging of the …

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Capturing the Gleam!

A tutorial on how to effectively digitize reflective and relief elements. Working with metal leaf in a painting can create some very beautiful textural effects that make an original painting that much more of a unique creation. It becomes not simply a static image, but something that changes in its presentation and the mood it depicts, depending on the ambient lighting. It is interactive with its environment. That same quality however, makes it very tricky to digitize a painting that has reflective qualities. The main issue is that you have two things at odds with each other: (1) Reflective effects …

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Descants watercolor art by Stephanie Law

Descants Medium: Watercolor & gold leaf Size: 12×18 Original painting is available via Tighnabruaich Gallery. There were a number of paintings I did in the past month that led up to Descants, where I was exploring various aspects and elements of the painting in a smaller or more isolated form. Some pieces I was playing with texture, or exploring color combinations. But I finally felt ready to tackle the painting in its entirety that I had imagined. After scribbling out and settling on a thumbnail, I transfer and finalize the sketch on my final painting surface. And then begin the …

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Dragoncon 2015 matted remarques

It’s that time of year again when I’m preparing for Dragoncon. I won’t be there in person this year, but my art will still be in the art show. Here’s the first batch of pieces that I have just finished matting and drawing remarques on. As usual, my prints for the art show are made unique with individual hand-drawn remarques in ink. The remarqued versions are only available via the auction. If you’re interested in prints of any of these pieces, you can click on the titles for the links to my shop. * * * Dreaming Blossoms * * …

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Inktober in Review

We’re going to call this entry “Adventures of Bumblebird” (or, “How Stephanie Attempted Inktober with Moderate Goals Attained”) About a week into the month, I heard about inktober, and I was so inspired by the ink drawings of my fellow artists, that I had to jump into the fray as well. I didn’t quite manage to do each day of the month, but I gave it my best shot. I blame fixation on sewing Halloween costumes, a family vacation, and a sudden burst of botanical art with deadlines for shows.   Anyway, here’s what I did manage to scrape together …

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