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Tools and Supplies

In approximately two weeks, I’m heading to Nashville to be an instructor at –The Fantastic Workshop-.  I’m looking forward to it greatly, and have been busy preparing material for my lectures, as well as the demos I’ll be doing. As I gather the necessary materials at this time, I also remember all the questions about my process people asked me at Illuxcon a few weeks ago. Among the most frequent questions I field are regarding my supplies, and so I decided to gather all that information in one place. I have some of this scattered throughout my blog over the …

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Pigment geek-out

Okay, artist geek-out time now. I just bought a bunch of new Daniel Smith paints. Haven’t had a chance yet to play with them, but I did at least get to do a quick test swatch of each this morning. *Quinacridones – the top row of red-pinks-purplish colors. I’ve heard a lot about quinacridones lately from various artists, and I’ve decided to finally give them a shot. They’re extremely vibrant, and beautifully translucent, in tones that I definitely don’t have with any of my other colors. *Lunar – the next row, there’s three of DS’s Lunar colors. These are semi-transparent. …

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