Naming the Ineffable

Why artists love mythology   In late 2013 I painted a series of illustrations for an herbal guide. It consisted of thirty plants painted in a traditional watercolor botanical art style. This greatly honed my botanical draftsmanship. Some of the plants I was able to locate in local nurseries to purchase and add to my own garden. Others I was able to seek out at the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. But a large number of the plants I had to forage for my specimens in my local environs. This proved to be highly instructional in teaching me to identify much of …

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Without an Audience

the importance of sketchbooks

Having a private sketchbook is vital to my creativity. The key is that it has to be exactly what that word says. It’s a book for your sketches. Not a showcase for your finished drawings. Not your completed masterpieces that you expect to eventually show the world. You can have those too if you want. But you need to have one book that is for yourself. It has to be a place where you feel safe to make mistakes, and to just draw what your muse inspires you to create, even when you don’t really know what she’s saying, and …

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Transmuted Sand

My art this past month is filled with winged things. Perhaps it is because I feel the pulse of the year’s heartbeat rushing past me in a swirl of weather and seasons. The passage catches me up like a whirlwind of wings. The trees are alight with blazing colored leaves. The rare rain seeps across the windowsill. The crows in the park grow brave and chase off the resident red-tailed hawk. Just for a day. She is ensconced in the branches of her throne once again on the following morning. Generally it is a truce of mutual ignoring with the …

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Insecta – Bumblebee

Bumblebee 10×10 inches (framed 17×17 inches) watercolor & gold leaf The bumblebee is a messenger from from the spirit/dream realms, and she imparts the secrets that thread through the world’s pulse. She gathers that knowledge from flowers’ breath. Wisdom transmuted from seed by sunlight to blossom to pollen. To golden honey that kisses your lips, caresses your throat. * * * Ever since I saw some red-tailed bumblebees when I was in Ontario this summer, I’ve been wanting to add one to my Insecta series. This piece was created for the group show at Alexi Era Gallery, running from Nov …

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Capturing the Gleam!

A tutorial on how to effectively digitize reflective and relief elements. Working with metal leaf in a painting can create some very beautiful textural effects that make an original painting that much more of a unique creation. It becomes not simply a static image, but something that changes in its presentation and the mood it depicts, depending on the ambient lighting. It is interactive with its environment. That same quality however, makes it very tricky to digitize a painting that has reflective qualities. The main issue is that you have two things at odds with each other: (1) Reflective effects …

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Descants watercolor art by Stephanie Law

Descants Medium: Watercolor & gold leaf Size: 12×18 Original painting is available via Tighnabruaich Gallery. There were a number of paintings I did in the past month that led up to Descants, where I was exploring various aspects and elements of the painting in a smaller or more isolated form. Some pieces I was playing with texture, or exploring color combinations. But I finally felt ready to tackle the painting in its entirety that I had imagined. After scribbling out and settling on a thumbnail, I transfer and finalize the sketch on my final painting surface. And then begin the …

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Dragoncon 2015 matted remarques

It’s that time of year again when I’m preparing for Dragoncon. I won’t be there in person this year, but my art will still be in the art show. Here’s the first batch of pieces that I have just finished matting and drawing remarques on. As usual, my prints for the art show are made unique with individual hand-drawn remarques in ink. The remarqued versions are only available via the auction. If you’re interested in prints of any of these pieces, you can click on the titles for the links to my shop. * * * Dreaming Blossoms * * …

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A lot of small original paintings

I was digging through the storage trying to locate a painting, and I found a whole stack that I had forgotten to put up on the website. Mostly because at one point I was holding on to them waiting until after publication to release. Prices for these small pieces range from $75.00 – $245.00 To view the whole gallery of images, -click here-. I’ve only showcased a few of my favorites in this post here. * * * A large number of pieces from the most recent Dreamscapes book, Fantasy Worlds.    This mermaid is from the original Dreamscapes book, …

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“Gaze” 6×10 inches Watercolor & gold leaf Started with this little thumbnail drawing in my sketchbook for this mini painting. I knew the general composition, as well as the tonal focus. I had some initial ideas for coloring, and though I stuck to them for the most part, a few things got changed around during the process of painting. A more refined sketch on the Arches Watercolor Board surface that I like to paint on. I actually enjoy Fabriano Artistico the best, but with a lot of my recent techniques, I tend to lay the watercolor ground on very thickly …

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Immortal Ephemera finally happened this month, and I had a wonderful trip to Seattle for the opening reception. Many familiar faces, old friends, and some new ones. Thank you Yeechi & Frank for being my gracious hosts, and sending me back to California several pounds heavier for all the fantastic food (Amy & Darren, you’re equally responsible, although I did manage to resist the chocolate). Thanks to Julie Baroh, Kathryn McDivitt, and Yvette Endrijautzki for the amazing work in preparing the gallery for the show, hanging and for having my art grace the walls for a month. Thank you Susan …

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Insecta Notecards

New blank notecards are in for the Insecta paintings. Six designs: Cicada, Dragonfly, Honeybee, Ladybird, Damselfly, and Scarab. They’re 4.25×6 inches and come with white envelope. They are printed on recycled paper that has a lovely satiny finish. Available either as a 6-pack assortment (one of each), or in individual packets.   


Sylph size: 5.5×10 inches medium: watercolor prints ($16.95)  available -here- First chance I have had in many months to just do a piece for no other reason than “because”.  Now that everything is shipped out for Immortal Ephemera, and the next few deadlines are at least a month out on the horizon. Here’s a little sketch that happened the other night. I wanted to go for more muted colors. Not the crazy bright blues, greens, and reds in the recent paintings. Started with my india ink texture techniques for the background. Layered a thin glaze of Daniel Smith watercolor ground …

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