New Painting: Moon-Gazing


Size: 12×16 inches
Medium: watercolor, gold leaf, metallics, ink
8.5×11 inch prints ($16.95), 11×17 inch prints ($26.95), and Original Painting ($975.00) -available here-

* * *

Some of the process that went into this piece:

One of the miniature 3×3 inch canvases that I painted last week was the initial starting inspiration for this painting. I wanted to expand on the concept.


Began with a lot of rabbit references and doing a number of sketches and thumbnails.


Which eventually led to the finished sketch.


Early messy-painting stages.


Adding in some blacks.


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  1. Terry Ernest

    Wonderful Steph … Always love the new textures , and mystical magic that you weave into the narrative …

  2. Beth Caudill

    That is awesome. I really love that closeup of the lilies and birds. Every time I look, I see something new.

  3. Sarina Valentina

    would you care if I post this on twitter?

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