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Art has always been about the exploration of other worlds to me. It is a medium to view the world with a different perspective and to find elements of beauty in what seems ordinary. I want to transport myself, and my audience into a mirror existence.

That’s what Descants & Cadences is. I want this book to be a window to invite you in to participate with my visions. For the artwork in this collection I’ve been feeling along the boundary between dream and reality. I’ve delved into the language of allegory that we’re all exposed to from the very first nursery rhyme that we hear as a child, and rediscover when we read to our own children. I’ve sought after tiny worlds of wonder from an insect’s viewpoint. I love to get lost in the incredible beauty of growth and decay that you find in nature.

Most of these pieces were created over the past three years and have never been published in any other volume. It includes the Magpie pieces from my sold out series that I showed at Krab Jab Studio, as well as paintings from my other popular series. The Stag Sonata Cycle, Insecta, Strange Dreams and more. The book is a stream of consciousness journey, following mythical creatures like white stags and faerie queens, to much stranger guides and masked creatures.

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  1. Robin Kowalski

    Stephanie, I can’t wait till I can hold the book in my hands. Your art has developed amazingly throughout the years. How does the best get better? Honestly, you are an artistic genius. But not only art, you write do beautifully also. Amazing!! That is my descriptive word for you. Your art and writing has helped me throughout these years of illness and pain. Waiting impatiently for this book. God bless sweet spirit.

    • Stephanie Stephanie

      Thank you Robin! I know you’ve been following my journey for many years, and I really appreciate it!

      • Robin Kowalski

        Stephanie, I am beyond words and as my family would say…”that is impossible!” But Steph, how can you put words to something that fills you with such a feeling of awe and beauty and even the music of life? I’ve had your new book for about 2 weeks now and as my daughter (the one who showed me your work from the beginning) and I looked through it together I just was in awe!!!! I don’t know any other words to explain how this book of yours,which I am so Blessed to own, makes me feel. I look at the paintings and read what you wrote (which by the way I think you are a VERY talented writer), and every time I find and feel something new. I don’t just look at these paintings, I literally spend hours feeling them or deciphering them per se. I feel the flow of music, the beauty , absolute beauty, and the love of nature from your beloved oak tree (I bought my house because it had a beautiful big old live oak with Spanish mission my front yard I love it so much ) to the beautiful insects you painted. Even though your tree is now gone physically, it us still there spiritually. I know that feeling. The botanicals are absolutely gorgeous. I feel your love and the flow you were putting in these wonderful paintings. I’m so in love with this book. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing with me this joy and wonderment I am feeling from your wonderful art and writing. Be blessed sweet spirit and thank you so much.

        • Robin Kowalski

          I meant to write that my oak tree has Spanish moss not a Spanish mission in my front yard. Darn word check !

        • Stephanie Stephanie

          Thank you Robin! It means a lot to me that the book is being received so well and that it makes a connection with you!

  2. Jesse Colton

    Stephanie! Okay so I apologize beforehand because I feel like this comment may become rambly, but just bare with me.

    I want to tell you how important your art is to me. I’m honestly not a person who really “gets” visual art. I think some things are pretty, others not so much. For me, it’s music and writing that really pull me in, but visual art does not often capture my attention. In fact I always felt sad that I didn’t HAVE a “favorite painter” or any favorite in the visual medium.

    I discovered the Shadowscapes tarot deck completely by accident when I decided to learn more about tarot and went into a store looking for a specific deck. I was so mesmerized by Shadowscapes and it just called out to me, so I bought it. I always spellbound by the artwork on the cards, and from there I ended up on your website, where I’ve spent so much time browsing and just looking at all there is to see.

    I discovered your art at a time when my own art was becoming stale. As a writer, I was feeling really trapped by my own story and had no idea where to go or what to do, and I was sad that I didn’t know what my fantasy world in my novel LOOKED like. And Shadowscapes breathed life into my mind and revived the world in my story. Ever since you’ve been my absolute favorite artist. Every piece is magnificent, I can’t say enough how gorgeous your art is, and how important it is that the world has as much of your art in it as possible.

    I’m really excited to have discovered that you have a blog, and also I think the new book looks incredible and I hope I can get my hands on it soon. Forgive me for rambling, I just wanted to let you know what an incredible artist you are and how you’ve touched me!

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