Altoid tin paintings

Blackbird by Stephanie Law

Okay, they are not actually on Altoid tins. I bought some generic blank ones instead, off of ebay.

And I decided to make them not-blank.

I used Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground. I prepped them first with multiple layers of Ground, getting a very nice textured surface, then painted with watercolors. Afterwards, I sealed them with an acrylic varnish spray (many layers).

I only spent about two minutes for a rough sketch on each of these, and then I started painting. They were relatively unplanned, very messy, and a whole lot of fun.

Firebird by Stephanie Law Blackbird by Stephanie Law

Take a look at a time lapsed video with commentary for Firebird to see how it was done:

This second video isn’t as informative, but it does let you get a glimpse of how the Blackbird piece looks under light:



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  1. Milly Egan

    So clever Stephanie. I love the textures, especially the Raven version.

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