Applying Gold Leaf video

Stuff used in this video:
* wood panel – Blick Studio 8×8 inch wood panel
* watercolors
* watercolor ground – Daniel Smith, both clear and opaque
* gold leaf sizing – Miniatum ink (the pink stuff in the video)
* gold leaf – 24 karat
* lots of cheap synthetic brushes

Here are some in progress photos for the piece:

I sketch directly onto the wood panel. After I’m done with the sketch, I paint over the entire thing with watercolor ground.


I keep the watercolor ground fairly thin over the background wood areas, and I add a few extra layers over the section that I plan to paint on the most.


A bright green acorn. I painted a whole set of acorns a year and a half ago when I was visiting my in-laws in New York (my California acorns are long and skinny and not nearly as cute). It’s when doing a piece like this though, that I find that my botanical art explorations have practical application. After having studied the subject matter closely, future paintings of them become much easier.


Using a gesso, I painted some relief elements. After this dries, I can gild it in gold leaf.


Gold leaf burnished onto the dried gesso. You can see how I did it by watching this video of the process in the video at the top of this post.


“Divine Origins” – Original watercolor painting is available from Penumbra Gallery. Please contact for more information.
"Divine Origins" by Stephanie Law

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  1. Kati

    Amazingly beautiful. I’m actually the person who was asking for this on instagram – thanks for the post! I love it!

  2. Janice McCafferty
  3. Janice McCafferty

    gorgeous work, very inspiring tutorial, now I will look for gold leaf for cicada art

  4. susan putnam-jensen

    Wonder if water color ground works for acrylics.

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