Size: 13×3 inches
Medium: Pencil

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  1. Marina

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  2. Marina

    Envy is a kind of vice (it is about me 🙂 ) But, wow! At the moment I see that I extremely spend very little time with pencil…
    In the middle of the soul sometimes there is this story, of course…

    • Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

      Thank you Marina! I have not been using much pencil lately either, so this has been fun

  3. Robink7

    I love drawing. This is beautiful Stephanie. Love the texture you made. I know you put your spirit into your art work. I can feel it. Just awesome!!! You definitely are the queen!!!

    • Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

      It’s a paper I haven’t tried before these two pieces. My friend Allen Williams gave me a couple sheets to play with. Stonehenge is the brand. And just a regular HB 0.3 mechanical pencil. Couldn’t find my other pencisl.

  4. Robink7

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  5. Unknown

    Wow, incredible work!

  6. Robink7

    I use Stonehenge for my colored pencil work. Great paper. I’ll have to try it for graphite drawing. .03? wow..Stepanie, that is very thin, you do have patience but well worth it. I use the lead holder you recommend in your books with different lead hardnesses but I also took your advice and bought an .03 mechanical pencil, which is so great for detail. I just realized I really do literally take everything you advise in your books and in your blogs and get the items. (if I can afford them but you don’t advise to spend a lot of money in your instruction books. You are a great instructor by the way and everything that you recommend, is well worth buying. I also love the hi tec c pens which are awesome to work with and add color highlights in the painings. The other item you mentioned is the Uni-ball white signo pen. I cannot live without it. Your advise and instruction has been so invaluable in my work. I’m working on getting my own style which is hard because I just love your style but I’m getting there. you have taught me so much.Anyway take care and Shine brightly.

  7. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

    Wow Robin. That is awesome to hear. It’s great to know that my techniques are working out for other people, and that further, I’m able to convey it well enough. That’s always hard to gauge, and so your feedback is much appreciated!

    Hehe, but yeah that said, I would NOT recommend doing full pencil drawings with a .3 size! It was the only thing I had on hand. Didn’t want to bother digging around in my stash for my lead holder and other sized/hardness pencils!

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