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“Gaze” 6×10 inches Watercolor & gold leaf Started with this little thumbnail drawing in my sketchbook for this mini painting. I knew the general composition, as well as the tonal focus. I had some initial ideas for coloring, and though I stuck to them for the most part, a few things got changed around during the process of painting. A more refined sketch on the Arches Watercolor Board surface that I like to paint on. I actually enjoy Fabriano Artistico the best, but with a lot of my recent techniques, I tend to lay the watercolor ground on very thickly …

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A Chinese Cinderella: Of Kingfishers & Bones

Of Kingfishers & Bones Medium: Watercolor, gold, metallic pigments, ink, on canvas Size: 10×10 Original painting temporarily unavailable Prints & detail closeups available -here- Yexian is an ancient Chinese version of the Cinderella story. She finds and raises a beautiful red fish. But her stepmother tricks Yexian by sending her away for a few days, and then catches and eats the fish. The bones however, still prove to have power, and grants the girl’s wishes. Previous pieces in the Yexian series can be found here:   * * * Sketches and in-progress photos: I wanted another excuse to use the …

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New Art: Meditations of Beauty

“Meditations of Beauty” Size: 10×10 inches Medium: Watercolor, metallics, rice paper, gold leaf, ink Prints & Original will be available at Modern Eden Gallery. Contact the gallery for the collector’s preview if you’re interested in purchasing. Detail closeup views available –here– * * *   An apple was all it took: Sweet white flesh Burnished with a sheen of golden beauty, Tossed among three Vanities Just to see what could be. hey say I did it because I was jealous. But _I_ did not need to squabble To assert that I was the most beautiful. I did not need a …

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Techniques & Mediums: Watercolor Ground

Avalon -

What is watercolor ground? For those of you familiar with other mediums like acrylic and oil, watercolor ground is the equivalent of gesso.  It’s a primer, but unlike acrylic/oil gesso, it is specially formulated to be a porous surface that accepts watercolors, instead of repelling liquid like a traditional gesso would do. What this means is that you can turn any surface into something suitable for watercolors, instead of being limited to paper and illustration boards. The brand that I have been using is made by Daniel Smith, and they offer 4 colors – white, neutral, black, transparent. I’m told …

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Testing a new transfer method

I’ve been thinking on this for a while now, because sketching directly on a canvas with watercolor ground is not a very satisfactory experience. Especially with fine point mechanical pencils. It works a little better with a more blunt softer lead. But it makes transferring sketches difficult. I decided to try something I did long ago in college, back when I was doing intaglio printmaking. There’s a technique called Chine–collé where you take some lightweight paper (like fancy Japanese rice papers) and bond it to a heavier surface for support. I dug up some rice paper I bought a long …

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