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Techniques & Mediums: Watercolor Ground

Avalon -

What is watercolor ground? For those of you familiar with other mediums like acrylic and oil, watercolor ground is the equivalent of gesso.  It’s a primer, but unlike acrylic/oil gesso, it is specially formulated to be a porous surface that accepts watercolors, instead of repelling liquid like a traditional gesso would do. What this means is that you can turn any surface into something suitable for watercolors, instead of being limited to paper and illustration boards. The brand that I have been using is made by Daniel Smith, and they offer 4 colors – white, neutral, black, transparent. I’m told …

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Inking tools, and newest assortment of pens (art-geeking)

I’m often asked what I use for my ink drawings. Paper: Strathmore Bristol board, smooth, 300 series, is my preference, for ink. They also have a rough version, which works fine for ink too, though it has a tiny bit of tooth that shows up when scanning. So if you want a nice clean scan, the smooth is better. (Rough works great for pencils, however). This bristol board is what I use for drawings like the ACEOs that I’ve been doing lately, as well as larger pieces like these: I usually buy an 11×14 inch pad of it, and cut …

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