Hello 2018

Happy New Year!!! Another year past! Here’s the first painting signing off with “2018” for the year. I’m working on editing an upcoming  video for this piece, of the full process of painting it, and in particular tackling a question asked from one of my viewers of how to paint bubbles. I’ve been enjoying creating videos over the past months. And here’s the full array of 68 paintings that I created in 2017. You can read more about all of them, as well as tidbits of what I’ve got in store in the future months at this post here. What …

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Where the Sea Meets the Sky

Earlier this month, I was able to finally show my new work that I’ve been painting away at for the latter part of this year. The show is entitled “Where the Sea Meets the Sky”, and the pieces dance through these boundless boundaries, swimming, flying, escaping from their frames. The opening night was on December 2nd, at Haven Gallery in Northport, NY. The gallery was warmly inviting in the winter evening. The nights being long as they are, it was already dark by the time things got underway. I was able to come to help with the hanging of the …

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Home from Illuxcon

A week out in Reading, PA for Illuxcon!  Back home now, but here are some glimpses of my booth at the show. I had the best time among artists and art lovers, talking about creating, inspiration, and beauty. And of course just having a lot of fun and treating my eyeballs to the wealth of visions from so many artists.     And a little sketch that I did during some downtime.  

Botanical Interlude

Catching my breath a little bit. My next solo show is going to be at Haven Gallery, opening on December 2nd. I’ve just finished painting the final piece that will be a part of that show. That doesn’t mean I’m anywhere close to finished and ready for the show however. Given my recent methods now of creating custom lasercut frames, and then sealing my watercolor paintings into these frames with resin, a large and scary part of the process still remains to be done before the paintings can be called finished. A few of the frames are currently being processed …

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Very Tiny Things

Yesterday, I painted the tiniest little bee that I have ever done. It’s about 1 mm, smaller than the size of a sugar ant! The hummingbird is only about 2 cm from the tip of beak to tail. Painting at such a small size can be very fun, but proves that size is not everything when it comes to how long a painting takes. In fact, sometimes I spend even longer painting very small figures than I would a more moderate sized version. For example, this 2cm tall woman reading a very tiny book: It must have taken me two …

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Gallery showings, workshops, and patreon launch

I was excited to see some of you at the opening for my show “Metamorph” at Krab Jab Studio a few months ago. I always love to meet people who have been following my art,  and having a chance to talk about what inspires us respectively! It was exciting to see the turnout and to be able to talk about what went into the creation of the pieces.   I’m currently neck deep in preparations for my next show, which is happening on the opposite coast, The show title is “Where the Sea Meets the Sky” and will be at …

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Tools and Supplies

In approximately two weeks, I’m heading to Nashville to be an instructor at –The Fantastic Workshop-.  I’m looking forward to it greatly, and have been busy preparing material for my lectures, as well as the demos I’ll be doing. As I gather the necessary materials at this time, I also remember all the questions about my process people asked me at Illuxcon a few weeks ago. Among the most frequent questions I field are regarding my supplies, and so I decided to gather all that information in one place. I have some of this scattered throughout my blog over the …

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Descants & Cadences – a new art book

The Kickstarter is LIVE! Check it out -here- Art has always been about the exploration of other worlds to me. It is a medium to view the world with a different perspective and to find elements of beauty in what seems ordinary. I want to transport myself, and my audience into a mirror existence. That’s what Descants & Cadences is. I want this book to be a window to invite you in to participate with my visions. For the artwork in this collection I’ve been feeling along the boundary between dream and reality. I’ve delved into the language of allegory …

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Altoid tin paintings

Blackbird by Stephanie Law

Okay, they are not actually on Altoid tins. I bought some generic blank ones instead, off of ebay. And I decided to make them not-blank. I used Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground. I prepped them first with multiple layers of Ground, getting a very nice textured surface, then painted with watercolors. Afterwards, I sealed them with an acrylic varnish spray (many layers). I only spent about two minutes for a rough sketch on each of these, and then I started painting. They were relatively unplanned, very messy, and a whole lot of fun. Take a look at a time lapsed video …

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Descants & Cadences free desktop wallpaper downloads

Less than two weeks to go before the book launches on kickstarter (April 14th).  I’ve mostly got the campaign sorted out, and so now it’s just cleaning up details, doing the last rounds of proofreading on the manuscript, and counting down the days. Price for the Trade Edition book will be $35.00 + shipping. Deluxe Edition will be $95.00 + shipping. For now, here are some free 1200×1600 desktop wallpaper downloads to help whet your appetite! More information about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign and how you can be a part of that to pre-order this book can be found at: …

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Descants & Cadences – Gearing up for a new book!

Descants and Cadences a new art book by Stephanie Law

These past few months, I’ve been working on this. It’s a new art book. Yay! It has been about 4 years since my previous collected works volume “Between the Seams”. In that interim, a LOT of art has happened, and a lot of twists and turns to my style and subject matter. A new book to reflect those changes is overdue, and will include pieces from Strange Dreams, my Magpie Series, the Stag Sonata Cycle, Insecta, and Descants and Cadences. This new art book will be launched via crowdfunding on Kickstarter (tentative launch date is April 14th, and a funding …

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Applying Gold Leaf video

Stuff used in this video: * wood panel – Blick Studio 8×8 inch wood panel * watercolors * watercolor ground – Daniel Smith, both clear and opaque * gold leaf sizing – Miniatum ink (the pink stuff in the video) * gold leaf – lagoldleaf.com 24 karat * lots of cheap synthetic brushes Here are some in progress photos for the piece: I sketch directly onto the wood panel. After I’m done with the sketch, I paint over the entire thing with watercolor ground. I keep the watercolor ground fairly thin over the background wood areas, and I add a …

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